• Image of Max Rockastansky tee
  • Image of Max Rockastansky tee

Now printed with water based ink on a super-premium "oatmeal" tri blend tee for maximum comfort and look.

Original December, 2008 write up:

In the works for several years, and continually placed back on the shelf due to Mel Gibson’s multiple anti-Semitic rants, I have finally convinced myself that Mel Gibson and Max Rockatansky are two different people, and I can complete this design with a clear conscious.

The story of Max Rockatansky (not Mel Gibson) actually starts with Max not being “Mad” at all. Max is a member of the Main Force Patrols (MFP), and is considered the top pursuit man in a futuristic Australia, whose society is beginning to break down. Max is teamed with one of the main characters of “Mad Max” and “The Road Warrior”, an Australian released, limited edition GT351 version of a 1973 Ford XB Falcon Hardtop, or in the movie, “the last of the V8 Interceptors.”

Max ends up killing the “Nightrider” in the beginning of the original, and less known “Mad Max” movie, which really pisses of the Nightrider’s gang of unruly thugs. Nightrider's motorcycle gang is lead by friends "Toecutter" and the sociopath Bubba Zanetti. The gang subsequently terrorizes the nearby towns, and seeks revenge towards Max for Nightrider’s death.
Max, and his partner Jim “Goose” Rains (couldn’t Jerry Bruckheimer have come up with a different, non-sensical nickname for their action/buddy flick “Top Gun”) try to bring down a rapist gang member with some law and order, which is quickly falling out of style. After charges don’t stick to the gang due the their intimidation towards witnesses, Goose beats the tar out of Toecutter’s boy toy Johnny “The Boy” Boyle. Oh Lord, here we go…hell have no fury like the scorn of the Toecutter.
With ammunition towards Goose, Max, and MFP Captain Fred “Fifi” McPee, the homoerotic, homicidal gang unleashes hell.
That being said, I can’t help but give my opinion on McPee’s nickname too, which has to have as much intentional irony as the character himself, given “Fifi” looks like German BALCO Kojak meets early 2000’s Emo guy. Nothing like a bald linebacker, in a small baby blue tee, adorned by a scarf, and a handlebar mustache.

Long Story short, the gang chases down and burns Goose beyond recognition, which makes Max “Slightly Unsettled Max”. Then the bad guys kill Max’s wife and child during vacation, which makes him “Mad Max”.
Max kills the entire gang in a vehicular manslaughter fashion, and drives off into the distance, an emotionless, silent loner.

Who would really know that this strange, slightly unsettling Australian film would turn into the coolest sequel ever, “Mad Max 2”, or “The Road Warrior”, as it’s more commonly known.

Many of the worlds citizens, who are not lucky enough to have membership in the exclusive Mad Max cult, think that “The Road Warrior” is the original Mad Max. Ridiculous! If that was the first one, how would we know what Max is mad about?! Some people just don’t use their heads.

“The Road Warrior” shows an emotionally barren Max traveling the post apocalyptic wastelands of Australia in search gasoline after a worldwide energy crisis. Max’s only companions are his trusty Australian Cattle Dog, and the supercharged V-8 Pursuit Special, the same vehicle he drove off into the distance in the first movie.

Max’s foes are even more extreme, homoerotic, and completely amusing than the previous Nightrider/Toecutter gang. Lead by “The Humongous”, his second in command “Wez”, and Wez’s boy toy “The Golden Youth”…

(Pause for laughter)

…the conflict between Max and the unruly gang is not only because of fallen gang members, but gasoline as well. The Humongous wants to rule the wasteland and have all the gas, so he becomes quite irritated when Max takes up with a small wasteland community fort, which revolves around a small oilrig. Wez has more of a personal vendetta due to the untimely demise of The Golden Youth at the hands of “The Feral Kid” and his razor boomerang.
Armed with a often misfiring sawed off shotgun and clothed in the iconic, wasteland-altered MHP uniform and steel leg brace, Max battles the Humongous gang, whom sport the equally iconic (more on the ridiculous side), S&M/used sports equipment costumes, which they purchased at the post-apocalyptic Adult World/Play It Again Sports.

I just can’t explain how much I enjoy these movies. They just have everything…muscle cars, great characters, cheesy action, and all of the un-intentional comedy you can stomach.
I just wish that Gibson would have kept his hate filled ramblings to himself until production of Mad Max 4 was over. Who knows if the 4th installment will now ever emerge from pre-production purgatory?


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