• Image of Daves of Thunder "Big Fan" tee
  • Image of Daves of Thunder "Big Fan" tee
  • Image of Daves of Thunder "Big Fan" tee

College: where many of us realized that you can’t chug a bottle of whiskey in the middle of the day without wetting yourself; where attending for seven years and graduating without “Dr.” in front of your name instead earns you the nickname “Our Greatest Disappointment” at all future family gatherings. Some, like Feeney, did weird stuff in college, like “study” and “stay in” on dollar-pint nights. Others—like Dameshek and myself—reveled in the glory of coeds, sporting events, and the rivers of booze that flowed freely like the foxes through our nation’s institutions of higher learning, wondering all the while why universities require these five-day-a-week buzzkills called “class.” I always found them tiresome. Glum, even. Professors near and far collectively asked us to do awful things—terrible things—like pay attention during lectures, take notes, and offer up our own observations on the subject matter, all while wildly hungover. Well, Monkeys and BTLs, things are about to change.

Welcome to “Daves of Thunder U,” where your only class is a podcast subscription, your only professors are mirth-filled pranksters who write you funny papers, and your only prerequisites are a cursory understanding of Star Wars, a minimal background in Bukowski, and a basic knowledge of hot tub repair. There is, however, a single matter of tuition fees: an official collegiate tee to demonstrate your fandom, allegiance and DoT pride to all. Incidentally, I feel it my obligation to share a little-known fact about Belushi’s famed “COLLEGE” sweatshirt, the one he donned for the role of Bluto in the beloved film Animal House. Emblazoned across the back of the garment? Two simple words: “BIG FAN.”


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