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Past & Present Commerical Graphic Design & Screen Printing Clientele List:

Aglow Health Spa
Art Machine Productions
Arrow Assassins
Backwoods Outlaws
Bridge Core
Bearded Blackouts
Big as Bison
Bushido Barbell
Canoe Creek Classic
Classic Construction
Diamondback Truck Covers
Down to the Wire
Drive By Magic Show
Edit One Nine
Evolution Tattoo Studio
First Presbyterian Church of Pittsburgh
Hollidaysburg School District
Hollidaysburg Diamond Winterfest
Gingrich Insurance
Gorilla House Gym
Keller Williams
Keystone Disc Golf
LCS Hockey Radio Show
The Locker Room
PA Grappling
Paragon Tattoo Studio
Patton Garden Club
Penn Cambria School District
Phillipsburg/Osceola Junior Olympic Softball
Point of Fitness
Polecat Pullers
Powder Ridge Whitetails
Moorefield Station Elementary School
Nagle Farms
Real Recess
RFS Concrete
Smiles for Miles
Spring Mill
Storm Soccer
Stroehmann Bakery
The Unruh Team
Tree of Life Yoga Studio
Warriors United Marital Arts
Xpress Softball